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Jacob's Ladder™ Community Development Corporation practices holistic community revitalization in blighted, distressed inner city areas. Our vision includes re-imaging broken communities - new housing, new schools, and building green spaces and parks, as a testimony to the creative and loving power of God.

Our name draws from the Old Testament story of Jacob, a man who dreamed of a connection between heaven and earth, a prelude to Christ's ministry on earth. We are committed to relationship building between neighbors, businesses, and faith-based groups.

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Theme Song: Please Help and Receive Me

Our Journey

Jacob's Ladder™ began in 2003 with a square-mile pocket of poverty known as the Belt Line. Once a strong and vital community, the Belt Line struggles with issues beyond its control, its crime and chronic unemployment spilling over into other neighborhoods. Other issues include:

  • Culture of Predatory Lending & Financial Dependency
  • At-Risk Youth and Teenage Pregnancy
  • Decayed, Ghetto Housing
  • Community Instability
  • Created a coalition of businesses, churches and neighbors in the Belt Line, moving from fragmentation to solidarity
  • Partially renovated 3 streets
  • Renovated previously vacant houses and placed qualified homebuyers in them
  • Conducted over 20 neighborhood-building festivals
  • Created a strategic plan for long-term community redevelopment
  • We co-sponsor an annual spring work festival with Coca Cola and Clean Memphis as co partners.

In addition, we've supplemented early childhood education in the Belt Line by opening a Youth Enrichment Center. The Center is a sanctuary place where children can learn life skills like gardening, cooking, computer literacy and financial responsibility, along with art, music and drama instruction and attaining valuable life lessons from faith-based story-telling.

Our Vision

Jacob's Ladder™ is growing! Our mission is revitalizing inner city neighborhoods through partnerships, and our goals include:

  • Implementing a long-term community redevelopment plan, designed in partnership with local residents, churches and businesses
  • Advocating for a new charter school in the Belt Line
  • Developing new senior housing
  • Continuing our housing rehabilitation efforts
  • Creating green spaces and park areas
  • Connecting and strengthening existing churches

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