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A Coalition of Trust

Community Development Corporation, an ecumenical Christian non- profit organization, was legally incorporated as a 501 (c) (3) in April 2004. Our mission is a holistic revitalization of the Belt Line Neighborhood through partnerships with local residents, churches and 50 local businesses. Once a strong and vital community, the Belt Line struggles with issues of crime, blight, and chronic unemployment. Our vision includes re-imaging a broken community with new housing, community resources, and building green spaces and parks, as a testimony to the creative and loving power of God.

Together we have achieved many goals:

  • Renovated 25 houses with the assistance of local residents and volunteers, many of which are now occupied by qualified home buyers.
  • Demolished 50 vacant and/or dilapidated structures.
  • Cleared 120 properties and currently keep lawns mowed on 115 lots with the assistance of local residents and volunteers.
  • Reduced neighborhood crime by 80% over 10 years.
  • Co-sponsored over 20 neighborhood community-building festivals in co-operation with Coca-Cola and Clean Memphis.
  • Opened the Belt Line Youth Enrichment Center for early childhood, elementary, and middle school children in March 2008. Added a green space playground in 2018 as a community asset.
  • Advocate for Aspire, a new elementary and middle school charter school.
  • For several years, in partnership with Williams Temple COGIC, Jacob's LadderTM established the Belt Line Teen Center in January of 2010 which provided a safe haven, structure and enrichment activities for teens after school
  • Built a new community resource center in the heart of the Belt Line neighborhood

Future goals include:

  • The purchase and maintenance of another 15 lots in the Belt Line community.
  • Address at-risk youth and teen age pregnancy issues.
  • Provide support services for seniors.
  • Begin long-term neighborhood redevelopment.
  • Address cultural issues of predatory lending and financial dependency.

AMAZING GRACE: by the Jubilee Choristers, offered by Jacobs Ladder for a donation of $20
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